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Please NOTE : Some longer names may NOT fit on all items shown

Fairy Teddy Bauble

BOZ8_pink.gif (46650 bytes)

  • BOZ8 - pink

( one side only )

(other colours available)

Fairy Teddy Bauble

BOZ8_pink_matt.gif (37950 bytes)

  • BOZ8 - pink

( one side only )

(other colours available)

Holly Top Bauble

Hollytop_bauble1.gif (38049 bytes)

  • BEC011/BEC012
    80mm diam

$23.50 (one side)
$25.00 (two sides)

(also available in cream)

Teddy on Red Bauble

Teddy_on_Ball2a.gif (21101 bytes)

  • 55
    120mm high

$17.50 (one side)
$19.00 (two sides)

Jolly Santa

pers_santa2.gif (18305 bytes)

  • BEC009/BEC010
    120mm high
    (can be hung
    or used self-standing)

$17.50 (one side)
$19.50 (two sides)

* Other Personalised Ornaments *
'Twins Double the Fun'
Bears Ornament

Twin_bears_pers_W1538.gif (36633 bytes)

  • 86131504570
    145mm high


Also available . .
  • Snowman
    BOZ13 - $2

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Australiana Baubles

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