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Arriving in store end-August (prices TO BE ADVISED)  ** Pre-order NOW by phone or email **

At The Christmas Shop, we continually add more pieces
to our Lemax Village Collection range.

Here are just some of the exciting items we've included
in the Lemax Village products for this year ~

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Caddington Village


Harvest Crossing

Plymouth Corners

Vail Village


Special Items
(Sights & Sounds, Accessories, B/O & Landscaping accessories)

Table pieces


Please go to our Lemax page for older village items 

Prices shown here are subject to change without notice
Not all available stock items are shown here & pictures are not to scale

Lighted houses are made in porcelain and are generally about 20cm high
Figurines are made from poly-resin and are 4 - 5cm high
Trees are available in heights from approximately 5cm to 40cm

Please also check our Lemax PRICELIST for complete list
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Caddington Village
[Click on images for a better view]

Parkview School Darla's Dolls Rolling Hills
Police Station

Parkview School - 55002

Darla's Dolls - 55016

Rolling Hills Police Station - 55018

55002 55016 55018
$TBA.00 $TBA.00 $TBA.00

The Station Dining Car Nutcracker &
Wood Toy Carve
Leo's Famous Pizzeria

The Station Dining Car - 55975

Nutcracker & Wood Toy Carve - 55994

Leo's Famous Pizzeria - 65151

55975 55994 65151
$TBA.00 $TBA.00 $TBA.00

Noel's Christmas Shoppe Grace Community Church Christmas Eve Party

Noel's Christmas Shoppe - 65154

Grace Community Church - 65155

Christmas Eve Party - 75193

65154 65155 75193
$TBA.00 $TBA.00 $TBA.00

Main Terminal
Train Station
Morrison Manor Lily's Cafe

Main Terminal Train Station - 75194

Morrison Manor - 75221

Lily's Cafe - 75226

75194 75221 75226
$TBA.00 $TBA.00 $TBA.00

St Clare's Church Allison House Boot Drive
at the Fire House

St_Clares_Church_75228.jpg (73326 bytes)

Allison House - 75229

Boot Drive at the Firehouse - 75230

75228 75229 75230
$TBA.00 $TBA.00 $TBA.00

En Pointe Balletwear The Happy Chef Caddington Visitor Centre

En Pointe Balletwear - 75232

The Happy Chef - 75233

Caddington Visitor Centre - 75235

75232 75233 75235
$TBA.00 $TBA.00 $TBA.00

Le Petit Manor Thompson's Manor The Flower Patch

Le Petit Manor - 75237

Thompson's Manor - 75238

The Flower Patch - 75240

75237 75238 75240
$TBA.00 $TBA.00 $TBA.00

St Michael's
Parish Church
Alexander's Apothecary Chuzzlewitt's
Chimney Sweep Shop

St Michael's Parish Church - 75242

Alexander's Apothecary - 75248

Chuzzlewitt's Chimney Sweep Shop - 75249

75242 75248 75249
$TBA.00 $TBA.00 $TBA.00

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[Click on images for a better view]

These traditional building fronts are perfect for tabletop display, and even better as a wall hanging !
Each facade tells a specific story and is meticulously crafted with extraordinary detail.

All have lighted inside scenes or external lights, powered by 3 x AA batteries


Seaside Christmas English Lane The Teapot Shoppe

Seaside Christmas - 75196

English Lane - 75197

The Teapot Shoppe -75198

75196 75197 75198
$TBA.00 $TBA.00 $TBA.00


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