Charming Christmas Collectible Creations

 The creations of Canadian artist, Jacqueline Kent, embody and radiate the essence of our souls, transforming her finely detailed sculptures into a combination of heart-felt emotion and true artistry. Her dedication, keen awareness and a vivid imagination have given her an edge, unparalleled to none. Each piece reflects a glimpse of every person who has entered her life. And every person who is and has been a part of it has been rewarded by her inspiration, her devotion, her strength and, simply, by her love of life itself.

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15" H



The head of the workshop and millhouse, below,
Majestic, the Master, in charge of the show.
Recruiting apprentice, young elves and the crafters,
Maintaining his team of the Merry Ol' Masters.

Through Christmases past, he has earned his degree,
To land on a rooftop, where no one can see.
He's sure to tread softly without any noise,
Depositing treasures, the candies, the toys.

His reindeer, impatient, on top of the roof,
His ear will tune into the sound of their hoof.
He'll bid his farewell and with naught else to do,
Take comfort in knowing their dreams have come true.

15" H


Mender Master  

As a youngster, this Master  found an old teddy bear,
An ear had gone missing, in its arm was a tear.
Forlorn and forgotten, the bear touched his heart,
So he threaded a needle, getting ready to start.

JK_MuddleM.gif (32457 bytes)
15" H


Muddle Master  

Absent-minded was he, this 'Bright Master', Muddle,
Misplacing his gadgets, his most serious trouble.
And reminding himself, which currents to use,
Or especially be wary, when changing the fuse.

JK_MaestroM.gif (43447 bytes)
15" H


Maestro Master  

'Good morning' the Maestro would quietly say,
As he gathers his brushes, to begin the day.
Then smiling serenely, he patiently dabbles,
Creating magnificent trinkets and baubles.

JK_MintM.gif (36602 bytes)
15" H


Mint Master  

Obsessed with a passion for sweet candy canes,
The thought of a shortage nearly drove him insane.
As he counted them daily, this Mint Master knew,
'There are never too many, and always so few'.

JK_MuffinM.gif (34753 bytes)
15" H


Muffin Master  

Destined to be a 'short-order cook',
This Master of Muffins was not overlooked.
Delectable dishes, desserts baked and steamed,
Now earned him the title 'le chef de cuisine'.

JK_MiterM.gif (32732 bytes)
15" H


Miter Master  

Frowning upon youngsters' modern-day toys,
The arborite, plastic and metal decoys.
So Miter, the Master, made a pact with himself,
'Woodcrafting, the best, I will teach the young elf'.

He'll cut wood on a bevel, then carve in detail,
Use mallets and hammers, to drive in the nails.
Then sanders and lacquers, the final finesse,
'It's really no contest, hand crafting's the best!'

JK_MellowM.gif (42498 bytes)
14" H


Mellow Master  

A kindly good- natured and affable Master,
When it came to hard work, there was nobody faster.
To shorten a chore list and cross off each entry,
No wonder he's tired, his errands were plenty!

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