Charming Collectible Creations
from Goebel

Collection of the Masters    by Richard Simmons

Everyone knows the boundless energy and effervescent charm of Richard Simmons, world-renowned entertainer and fitness expert.  But most people don't know that Richard studied art in Italy and worked as a fashion illustrator and graphic designer.  He appreciates fine art and loves to collect!

When a friend gave Richard a doll created by a master artist, Richard's passion was kindled, and he started a collection that now fills his home.  "I fell in love!" Richard declares, "and I wanted to share the magic!"

The Collection of the Masters features one-of-a-kind dolls from Richard's personal collection, meticulously reproduced, with all the character and depth of expression that first captivated him.  Each doll is crafted of resin, exquisitely costumed, and delicately hand-painted.

You'll adore the Collection of the Masters, from Richard's home to yours.


“How often do you find true art you can love?"
Richard Simmons

"Each of us wants to be happy, and I believe that dolls bring us joy.  It just makes sense to surround ourselves with objects that provide pleasant memories and bring smiles to our faces.   Produced under the stringent supervision of Goebel artisans, the dolls in the Collection of the Masters do just that.  The real-life details steal your heart away!"  



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Reminder Angels by Annie Wahl

These fun-loving winged inspirations are all set to spread sunshine.
Although our little angels have lived through some hard knocks,
they keep focusing on the positive,
and they'll remind you to do the same.

823008 - Be Kind to Animals 823050 - Treat Yourself

823051 - Lend An Ear

Be Kind to Animals

3.5"H (90mm)


Treat Yourself

3.5"H (85mm)


Lend an Ear

5.5"H (140mm)


823048 - Hug Your Dog 823052 - Keep a Song

823089 - Spread Holiday Cheer

Hug Your Dog

4.25"H (110mm)

Sorry, SOLD OUT !

Keep a Song in Your Heart

5.5"H (140mm)


Spread Holiday Cheer

5.5"H (140mm)



Holiday Treasures by Rosemary Volpi

Our magnificent messengers of peace and goodwill arrive in time for Christmas,
bearing gifts and capturing the spirit of a wondrous season.
They are works of art destined to become family heirlooms.

823067 - La Befana          La Befana

La Befana

19.5"H (495mm)



Twelve Elves of Christmas by Jodi & Richard Creager

Two of the magical and industrious citizens of the North Pole
who work hard so Santa will be set for Christmas Eve.  

823086 - Flicker

823087 - Snuggles        Snuggles


12"H (300mm)



12"H (300mm)



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