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Nativities clearly express the all-important true meaning of Christmas and form really glorious displays in a home or church.  The Fontanini range is just one of many different styles & sizes of nativities available in our store but it is possibly the most collectible of them all.  And, whilst certainly not toys, Fontanini figurines can be safely handled by children because they are virtually unbreakable.  Having a family nativity scene is sure to clarify the significance of the birth of Jesus in a child's mind.

We stock these delightful Fontanini figurines in three sizes -
125mm (5"), 190mm (7.5") and 300mm (12")
NOTE : Many Fontanini pieces can be purchased as separate items
even where shown in a set  

Only a selection of stock items are shown here & pictures are not to scale
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The Story of Fontanini Heirloom Nativities

54540 Nativity SetFrom humble beginnings in Bagni di Lucca, Italy, the Fontanini Heirloom Nativities have risen to world-wide acclaim.  Nearly a century after Emanuele Fontanini founded the House of Fontanini, its hand-painted Nativities grace the Vatican, international cathedrals and appear in Hollywood films.  Fontanini’s unique blend of Old World craftsmanship with modern innovation has made classic Italian sculpture accessible to families everywhere, even the youngest child!

Thanks to the remarkable medium of polymer, each figure resists breakage yet faithfully reproduces the exquisite detail of the original clay sculpture.

Start your own family tradition with an Heirloom Nativity, the heart of Christmas celebrations and cherished memories for generations. 

Our Display 1 Our Display 2
Fontanini Display 1 Fontanini Display 2

125mm (5")

190mm (7.5")

300mm (12")


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Accessories ~

Lit Nativity Star

(90mm x 65mm)
Battery-operated (flashing)
Lighted Temple

(265mm H x 250mm W x 340mm D)
Lit Nativity Star Temple

Figure NOT included

Lighted Village Stable

(290mm H x 415mm W x 200mm D)
Triple Arch

(300mm H x 495mm W x 235mm D)
50520 Stable

Figures NOT included

50552 Triple Arch

Figures NOT included

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