Annalee Dolls

Annalee Thorndike was one of America's most prolific doll artists and her multitude of doll creations have become a part of the lives of all who collect and adore them.  Annalee defined the source of her inspiration as coming from people: how they look and the feelings they have.  She wanted each doll to possess an enchanting character, a spirit of child-like innocence and have the ability to tell a whole story with expressive poses.

From its humble beginnings in the early 1940s, the Annalee Mobilitee Doll Company has become internationally known for its most unique contributions to the world of doll-making and collecting.   One of the special qualities of Annalee dolls is their body language -  they aren't created as fixed-position figures to be placed on a shelf and forgotten - the internal wire frame in many of the dolls allow them to be adjusted in life-like positions.   The whimsical faces of Annalee felt dolls are instantly recognizable and have become a symbol of Christmas holiday warmth and merriment.

Some more     collectible dolls

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8" Gift List Bear


630200_Gift_List_Bear.JPG (59605 bytes)
7" "Who's Next" Mouse


690000_Whos_Next_Mouse.JPG (63723 bytes)
7" Cosy Slipper Mouse


772302_Cozy_Slipper_Mouse.JPG (61829 bytes)
7" Hang My Stocking Mouse



773900_Hang_Stocking_Mouse.JPG (52813 bytes)
7" "All Mine" Cookie Mouse


773400_Cookie_Mouse.JPG (83820 bytes)
7" Christmas "Booty" Mouse


773800_Booty_Mouse.JPG (43145 bytes)
3" "Lights Out" Mouse


3" Off to Bed Mouse


794000_794200_Mice.JPG (85432 bytes)
22" Peek-a-Boo Stocking


755000_PeekaBoo_Stocking.JPG (65331 bytes)
    We also have the following Annalee items in stock ~
    Description Part No RRP
    5" Precious Angel ALM195900 $42.50
    5" Nativity Angel ALM542700 $45.00
    7" Angels First Wings ALM711700 $55.00
    18" Cheer Up Baby ALM765700 $105.00
    18" Off to Bed Baby ALM765600 $105.00
    7" Midnight Snack Kid ALM722900 $69.00
    7" Sweet Dreams Kid ALM722800 $69.00
    10" White Tail Buck ALM643200 $53.00
    12" White Tail Deer ALM655000 $95.00
    10" Christmas Elf - green ALM735801 $45.00
    10" Elfin Delivery ALM736200 $65.00
    10" White Frosty Elf ALM735400 $49.00
    22" Frosty Elf - white ALM747700 $85.00
    3" Holly Elf Ornament - boxed ALM794800 $42.50
    3" Snowflake Elf - boxed ALM796500 $42.50
    5" Christmas Elf - red ALM734000 $35.00
    5" Christmas Elf - white ALM734200 $35.00
    12" Wrapping Gold Santa ALM683300 $120.00
    18" Christmas Cheer Santa ALM551300 $145.00
    7" Santa's Cookie Jar ALM504800 $72.50
    7" Santa's Letters ALM505000 $65.00
    7" Santa's Yuletide Wreath ALM500701 $75.00
    7" Time for a Trim ALM505100 $125.00
    Mrs Claus
    18" Mrs Christmas Cheer ALM551100 $145.00
    7" Mrs Claus' Cookie Jar ALM504700 $76.00
    7" Mrs with the Wishes ALM504900 $76.00

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